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Texas is blessed with an array of outdoor opportunities. One could spend a lifetime trying to experience all the Lone Star State has to offer. Go Outside Expedition Co. strives to provide outdoor services that introduce its clients to the best of these opportunities. Whether you want to learn the skills necessary to confidently explore the outdoors or use the experience of our professional guide staff to provide a wilderness trip of a lifetime, Get Outside Expedition Co. offers courses and trips for all your needs. Our passion is sharing our passion for the outdoors.

Ryan Schaper

Lead Guide

Ryan Schaper’s love for the outdoors started very young when he learned how to fish around age 3. He grew up fishing the lakes and rivers of south and central Texas; teaching himself and soaking up anything he could learn about bass and catfishing. In college, he worked as the manager of an outdoor recreational store, which opened the door to kayaking and fly fishing. Ryan continues to enjoy fly fishing for bass, many other warm water species, and trout, but has grown a special interest in fly fishing for common carp over the past few years. In 2019, Ryan was crowned the Texas Carp King for the Texas Fly Carpers United Tournament by catching 448.5 inches worth of carp throughout the 3 series tournament. After many years of fly fishing the rivers of central Texas, as well as the Texas coast, fishing has become a lifestyle for Ryan. He is a wealth of knowledge not only about fish and fishing, but the history and geology of our landscape, and what makes the outdoors of central Texas so special.

Matt Walli


Going outside has been a way of life for Matt for as long as he can remember. Being raised in the pristine forests of northern Idaho, he learned to help hunt for the family’s food, camp primitively, and fish the streams, lakes and rivers. Under the guidance of his dad, a land surveyor who’s friends jokingly referred to him as Grizzly Adams, he gained the skills to become a true outdoors-man. When Matt moved to Austin as a young man, he balanced his enthusiasm for riding trails on his BMX bike with learning to fish the waters of beautiful central and coastal Texas, all while making friends with locals along the way. After falling for a native Texan who would become his wife, the two spent time living in Oregon and Colorado, where he gained years of experience fly fishing the Pacific Northwest as well as the High Rockies and Front Range. Matt returned to central Texas to be closer to family, and has turned his passion for fishing and nature conservation into a career working with Go Outside. He adds a wealth of knowledge to the team, and enjoys guiding the spectrum—families, children, beginners, experienced, and even the occasional canine friend.

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